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Danielle+Chandler Formals || Albion Basin || Utah Wedding Photographer

Albion Basin

Danielle and Chandler’s formals were such an adventure up at Albion Basin! We really lucked out with the weather and with finding a place to park. It’s a serious madhouse at Albion these days so we went extra early and stumbled right into a spot. There was plenty of time to change, walk around and get exactly what we needed! It all worked out really well so we were happy.

Danielle and Chandler are seriously so sweet. They met at school last fall, when Chandler was Danielle’s FHE dad and they hit it off right away. One night, they were hanging out and someone said they should all jump into the lake they were at. It was super cold, and Danielle totally took on the challenge without question! So brave! Chandler said how he loved her adventurous side and he jumped in right after her. After a few more dates, Chandler said he knew he was going to marry her. How cute is that?

Her dress is from The Perfect Dress and it is stunning. I really liked the style on her and the whole design! Also, Fox and Fern is the florist for her beautiful flowers. We had a lot of fun shooting together and being in the beautiful wildflowers. They get me every time, they are just amazing!

Danielle is the sister of Sydney (see their formals here) and they were married three weeks apart. They have done everything together, including marriage! She said they all get along really well and how fun of an adventure it’s been for their family.

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Albion Basin Bridals_8835.jpgPIN
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