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Augustin Family-Bountiful Pond || Utah Family Photographer

I can definitely say this was one of my favorite family sessions of all time. These two adorable children behaved so well! It really made such a difference! It was only a mini session but we honestly got to do so many different poses because they cooperated so well and had so much fun. I could of shot for the whole rest of the night! Bountiful Pond was the perfect location to let these two run wild. Their emotions truly came out in these pictures and I am so glad that I was able to capture this little family’s personality. They were dream clients to work with!

Bountiful Pond Family_0001PINBountiful Pond Family_0002PINBountiful Pond Family_0003PINBountiful Pond Family_0004PINBountiful Pond Family_0005PINBountiful Pond Family_0006PINBountiful Pond Family_0007PINBountiful Pond Family_0008PINBountiful Pond Family_0009PINBountiful Pond Family_0010PINBountiful Pond Family_0011PINBountiful Pond Family_0012PINBountiful Pond Family_0013PINBountiful Pond Family_0014PINBountiful Pond Family_0015PINBountiful Pond Family_0016PINBountiful Pond Family_0017PINBountiful Pond Family_0018PINBountiful Pond Family_0019PINBountiful Pond Family_0020PINBountiful Pond Family_0021PINBountiful Pond Family_0022PINBountiful Pond Family_0023PINBountiful Pond Family_0024PINBountiful Pond Family_0028PINBountiful Pond Family_0029PINBountiful Pond Family_0030PINBountiful Pond Family_0031PINBountiful Pond Family_0032PINBountiful Pond Family_0033PINBountiful Pond Family_0034PINBountiful Pond Family_0035PINBountiful Pond Family_0036PINBountiful Pond Family_0037PINBountiful Pond Family_0038PINBountiful Pond Family_0039PIN

  • Mandi

    These family pictures are our favorites!! I love them so much! I’ve had many friends say they are calling you for their next family session, they’ve just loved ours so much. Can’t wait to schedule next years family pictures with you!! 🙂ReplyCancel

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