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Military Wedding

Lauren and Brandon had a Military Wedding and it was really awesome! She wanted a military wedding with her country boy, and that is just what she had! These two have an adorable love story and are clearly meant to be.

Brandon and Lauren started dating before he left on an 11 month deployment. They quickly fell in love and wrote every day, waiting to see each other after a long time apart! She learned that it was hard to have a soldier – but totally worth the wait. She calls Brandon her hero and is so proud of him.

Brandon grew up in Fillmore as a total country boy. Shooting guns, jeep riding, and getting his hands dirty was his jam. Lauren was a city girl but a country girl at heart. They have the best of both worlds in their relationship and are living the dream! I thought it was really sweet how much she adores him and appreciates all that he does.

Their wedding was a party and I loved how they smashed the cake in each other’s faces haha it was hilarious. Also, Lauren’s dress is from Bridal Image and they were married at the Ivy House in Salt Lake City.

Both Lauren, Brandon and their families were so sweet. I really enjoyed getting to know them on a more personal level. I love when I get couples like them, such great people!

Go here for engagements, and here for formals.


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Memory Grove Portraits

Ella was so fun to work with for these Memory Grove Portraits! She is the youngest sister of one of my brides and her mom decided she wanted some updated pictures of her. I am so happy she took the time to take these because she rocked it the entire time!

She’s 11 years old and I swear no 11 year old is this gorgeous! At first, she was a little nervous (who isn’t in front of a camera!?) but after a few shots she was honestly a natural. The rompers she wore were really cute on her. Also, she had her older sister get her all dressed up and ready for the shoot. So fun! Taking pictures is always a major boost of confidence. Ella should basically be a model, because she was glowing the whole time!

I thought it was really sweet what her mom said in an Instagram about her – “Ella is thoughtful, loving, creative, endlessly curious, and very intelligent. Her favorite thing to do is solving difficult science problems. She is quite extraordinary!” I totally agree with her mom and think she is such a doll!

Head here to see another fun portrait shoot. 🙂

Salt Lake City Photographer_8676.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Photographer_8677.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Photographer_8701.jpgPIN

Layton Wedding

Morgan and Tyler made this Layton Wedding the most perfect day! Morgan is my husband’s cousin and she is the sweetest person. It was a blast to be with family all day and shoot these two. I loved how happy both of them were, they were glowing! They really are a match made in heaven. Just look at their huge smiling faces!

Both Morgan and Tyler had so much fun their entire wedding day from start to finish. They both enjoyed the day and didn’t stress about the little things, which I thought was awesome. Her smile is contagious and his faces are priceless. I loved them!

They were married in the Salt Lake Temple and the reception was at the Chantilly Mansion in Layton. The weather was so great and everything came together really well. I thought it was really awesome to see all of their families come together to celebrate them! They both have big families and were so helpful the entire day.

The flowers were done by the groom’s mother and Morgan’s dress is from The Perfect Dress. The artwork outside at the reception was done by the bride’s step-dad, how cool is that? It was a homegrown wedding and it really was a party all day! I am so happy for the new Brush family!

To see their engagements, go here. To see Morgan’s bridals, go here.

Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8572.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8634.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8635.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8636.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8637.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8638.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8639.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8640.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8641.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8642.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8643.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8644.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8645.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8646.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8647.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8648.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8649.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8650.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8651.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8652.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8653.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8654.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8655.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8656.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8657.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8658.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8659.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8660.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8661.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8662.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8663.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8664.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8665.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8666.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8667.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8668.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8669.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8670.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8671.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8672.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8673.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8674.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_8675.jpgPIN

Provo Library Bridals

Taking these Provo Library Bridals with Alyssa and Trevor was exciting! Some of the locations I had never shot at before this! It’s always fun to do something new. I really like these two, they were so sweet during their engagement shoot awhile back and I was lucky to spend more time with them!

These were shot at the Provo Library and at the Old Provo Courthouse. We met in the morning to make sure we had the right lighting in both locations. When we ended up at the second location, the lights were completely shut off! Apparently the electricity was cut off that day and we wouldn’t be getting any light inside haha what are the odds? Alyssa and Trevor were great and we worked around it. I think we did well with having it be completely dark.

I love watching these two together because they are so in love and you can just tell. The way Trevor looks at Alyssa is so sweet! Her dress was by Sweetheart Bridal and it is beautiful. The detail is very intricate yet simple and I thought it fit her perfectly.

Their wedding was at the gorgeous Payson Temple and I cannot wait to show it off!

Here is a link to see their engagements! 🙂

Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7420.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7421.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7422.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7423.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7424.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7425.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7426.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7427.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7428.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7429.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7430.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7431.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7432.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7433.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7434.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7435.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7436.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7437.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7438.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7439.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7440.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7441.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7442.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7443.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7444.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7445.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7446.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7447.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7448.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7449.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7450.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7451.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7452.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7453.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7454.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7455.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7456.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7457.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7458.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Wedding Photographer_7459.jpgPIN

Twin Senior Session

A Twin Senior Session is something I don’t get to do a lot and it was so much fun! It’s always nice to try something new and since I have only shot twins together one other time, it was a breath of fresh air!

Sammie and Jessie were super sweet and I loved talking with them. They both have beautiful hair and I loved their cute outfits for the shoot. Also, they are a great support system of my family! They get spray tans from my sister-in-law Megan (Glow By Meg) and are big fans of my other sister-in-law Cara Loren. I loved how kind they were about all of my family!

We roamed downtown Salt Lake City and climbed several flights of stairs to get to some wonderful views. They were champs about it and made it really enjoyable. Jessie and Sammie were laughing together a ton and we got some great candid shots that are my favorite!

Congrats on graduating to these two babes, I wish you nothing but the best!!

To see more senior sessions, go here or here.

Kaysville Senior Photographer_7327.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7328.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7329.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7330.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7331.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7332.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7333.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7334.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7335.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7336.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7337.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7338.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7339.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7340.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7341.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7342.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7343.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7344.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7345.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7346.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7347.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7348.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7349.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7350.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7351.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7352.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7353.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7354.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7355.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7356.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7357.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7358.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7359.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7360.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7361.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7362.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7363.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7364.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7365.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7366.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7367.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7368.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7369.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7370.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7371.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7372.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7373.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7374.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7375.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7376.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7377.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7378.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7379.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7380.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7381.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7382.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7383.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7384.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7385.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7386.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7387.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7388.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7389.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7390.jpgPIN
Kaysville Senior Photographer_7391.jpgPIN