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Tibble Fork Formals

It was a beautiful day for Aubrey and Erik’s Tibble Fork Formals! We took these the day of their wedding. They were married in San Diego, with a gorgeous reception at home.

Aubrey’s dress was really pretty on her, and fit her well. It is by Gateway Bridal and was great for the season!

I always love Tibble Fork and love when the colors start to show up! It’s super nice when it is not too crazy busy either, because we can get the shots we want. I am happy for these two and wish them all the best!

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Tibble Fork Wedding_9473.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9474.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9475.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9476.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9477.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9478.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9479.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9480.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9481.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9482.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9483.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9484.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9485.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9486.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9487.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9488.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9489.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9490.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9491.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9492.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9493.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9494.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9495.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9496.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9497.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9498.jpgPIN
Tibble Fork Wedding_9499.jpgPIN

Salt Lake Temple Wedding

I am beyond excited for these two and their Salt Lake Temple Wedding! Eric is a long time friend of Connor’s and we are so happy he is getting married to the perfect girl. Kacee is so kind, sweet, and looked beautiful in her wedding dress.

You can tell from Eric’s reaction that he was also really in love with her and her dress! Really though, I love his face when he saw her, it was perfect. We shot at the Salt Lake Temple right at sunset and the lighting was so pretty. Also, it had the most gorgeous flower beds and I was so happy about that. Kacee had chosen some great details. She incorporated wheat grass and lavender in her bouquet. The purple tones looked amazing with the scenery! I cannot wait to see their fall decor at their reception.

Her dress is from Bridal Image and she looked stunning in it. I loved her braid detail in her hair too!

It was a blast getting to hang out with these two for the night and we are so beyond happy for them! Yay for married friends!

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Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9551.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9552.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9553.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9554.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9555.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9556.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9557.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9558.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9559.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9560.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9561.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9562.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9563.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9564.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9565.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9566.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9567.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9568.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9569.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9570.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9571.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9572.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9573.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9574.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9575.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9577.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9578.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9579.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9580.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9581.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9582.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9583.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9584.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9585.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9586.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9587.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9588.jpgPIN
Salt Lake Temple Wedding_9589.jpgPIN

Antelope Island

Max and Lisa wanted some contrast to their forest engagements so we headed out to Antelope Island on a bright, sunny day! These two have a great sense of style and I love their vintage look.

I was seriously in awe when Lisa told me that she was wearing her Grandmother’s dress! It is AMAZING and the detail is so beautiful with the scenery of Antelope Island. Also, her mom wore the same dress so they are passing it down from generation to generation. I think that’s so cool! She looked amazing and it went with her whole look perfectly.

Lisa wore these cool floral lace-up boots and they were awesome. Max wore a suit by HM Cole and I loved the brown button detail on it. It fit their personalities well.

It was really nice and warm at Antelope Island and we hit a beautiful sunset. I loved the colors of the sky with her pretty flowers too! It was an amazing session that we squeezed in just in time for their wedding. Which I cannot wait to show you in the next couple weeks, it was a great day! It was in Lisa’s backyard down in a Hollow.

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Antelope Island Bridals_9500.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9501.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9502.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9503.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9504.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9505.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9506.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9507.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9508.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9509.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9510.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9511.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9512.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9513.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9514.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9515.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9516.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9517.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9518.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9519.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9520.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9521.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9522.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9523.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9524.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9525.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9526.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9527.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9528.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9529.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9530.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9531.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9532.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9533.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9534.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9535.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9536.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9537.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9538.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9539.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9540.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9541.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9542.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9543.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9544.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9545.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9546.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9547.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9548.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9549.jpgPIN
Antelope Island Bridals_9550.jpgPIN

Brighton Ski Resort

Okay, this is probably one of my favorite sessions ever! We shot these up at Silver Lake at Brighton Ski Resort and it was amazing.

In contrast to their engagements, the colors were much darker and moodier, which fit their classy attire. Tiara looked stunning in her cathedral veil and fitted wedding dress. She’s such a babe! Her dress was ordered online from Australia called Lady Luxe Boutique and it fits her perfectly. Look at her veil… Talk about unreal!

Her makeup is done by Merrie Make Up Artist, her flowers were by Intertwined Floral, and her hair is by H2O Salon. I loved photographing these two once again. It was even better the second time and I cannot wait to show off their wedding!

To see their engagements, go here.

Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9423.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9424.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9425.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9426.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9427.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9428.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9429.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9430.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9431.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9432.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9433.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9434.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9435.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9436.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9437.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9438.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9439.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9440.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9441.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9442.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9443.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9444.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9445.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9446.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9447.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9448.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9449.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9450.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9451.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9452.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9453.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9454.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9455.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9456.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9457.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9458.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9459.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9460.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9461.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9462.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9463.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9464.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9465.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9466.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9467.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9468.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9469.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9470.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9471.jpgPIN
Brighton Ski Resort Wedding_9472.jpgPIN

Ember SLC

This wedding at Ember SLC was amazing! I have been so excited to share this one because the style and details are incredible.

We started up at the Capitol with all the white marble and green grass outside to do the first look. Haley wore a boho-styled dress from The Perfect Dress that I wanted for myself. It was beautiful and even had pockets! Jeff’s reaction when he saw Haley was priceless, I am so glad I got to capture it. They are the sweetest together.

After couple portraits, we took bridal party photos along with family photos. Jeff’s son, Dom, looked just as dapper as his dad. He had a baby blue suit on and his own little watch to match. I was dying! After pictures, we headed down to the venue, Ember SLC. I had not been there before and it is a Pinterest dream! Exposed brick, white walls, gold couches – everything was beautiful.

Haley had a vision of what she wanted for her decor and she succeeded! She designed everything and came up with the entire concept. The details were my favorite part of the day, and you can see why! I was so impressed with her style.

After an intimate ceremony, we headed out to the reception and danced the night away. We snuck some shots out on State Street in the middle of the night as well, it was magical! The whole day was an adventure and I am so glad I got to be apart of it!

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Salt Lake City Wedding_9296.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9297.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9298.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9299.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9300.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9301.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9302.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9303.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9304.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9305.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9306.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9307.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9308.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9309.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9310.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9311.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9312.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9313.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9314.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9315.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9316.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9317.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9318.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9319.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9320.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9321.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9322.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9323.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9324.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9325.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9326.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9327.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9328.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9329.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9330.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9331.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9332.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9333.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9334.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9335.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9336.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9337.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9338.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9339.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9340.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9341.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9346.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9347.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9348.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9349.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9350.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9351.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9352.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9353.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9354.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9355.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9356.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9357.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9358.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9359.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9360.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9361.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9362.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9363.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9364.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9365.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9366.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9367.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9368.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9369.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9370.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9371.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9372.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9373.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9374.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9375.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9376.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9377.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9378.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9379.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9380.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9381.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9382.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9383.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9384.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9385.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9386.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9387.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9388.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9389.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9390.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9391.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9392.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9393.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9394.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9395.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9396.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9397.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9398.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9399.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9401.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9400.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9402.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9403.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9404.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9405.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9406.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9407.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9408.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9409.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9410.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9411.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9412.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9413.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9414.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9415.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9416.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9417.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9418.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9419.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9420.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9421.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding_9422.jpgPIN