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Kaysville Formals

Can I just say Katie is the most perfect bride? She is what I strive for in a client! Katie was so relaxed and not stressed about every little detail. She was focused more on her love rather than something going wrong. I am so happy to be her photographer! These Kaysville Formals were some of my favorites to date. We got amazing light and we had beautiful scenery (which happens to basically be Katie’s backyard!). You can’t go wrong with these two, talk about babes! I went to school with Katie and actually shot her brother’s wedding a couple years ago (you can check it out here!). So I was very excited and honored that she chose me to photograph her special day.

We also had a minor hiccup! During the shoot, Katie did get a little light headed. This can happen if its hot outside, 90 degree weather and wedding dresses don’t always mix! We took a couple breaks and ran up to Katie’s house to get her some food and she was totally fine! Basically what I am saying is these two are willing to go with the flow just let the magic happen. It was fun getting to know Logan a little bit more and I look forward to capturing their love on their wedding day!


Davis County Wedding Photographer_7936.jpgPIN
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Senior Photographer

I am not necessarily known as a senior photographer, but man do I love taking senior pictures! It is always so much fun to hang out with such cute girls. I knew Liz prior because my sister played volleyball with her! I remember when she was a freshman and it is so crazy that she is now graduating!

She had the best style during this shoot, I love her bell bottomed pants and flowy floral dress! It worked so well with the natural greenery we shot with! We even stopped on the side of the road for some lilac bushes!

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Senior Gallery


Kaysville Senior Photographer_0001.jpgPIN
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Ogden Temple

Oh what can I say about these two, it was such a dream to shoot such an awesome couple. It was my first time at the Ogden Temple and I was blown away at how beautiful it is! The grounds are perfect and it wasn’t too busy, we really lucked out! I was in love with Presley’s dress and her hair (which she did herself)!

After the shots at the temple, we headed over to downtown Ogden and got some urban shots which I ended up loving. It fit Presley’s style perfectly and I am so glad we took the time to go over and get those shots.

Their wedding is coming soon so stay tuned! If you missed their engagements, check them out below!


Dress: The Bride’s Shop

Ogden Wedding Photographer_0001.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0002.jpgPIN
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Ogden Wedding Photographer_0014.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0015.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0016.jpgPIN
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Ogden Wedding Photographer_0018.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0019.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0020.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0021.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0022.jpgPIN
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Ogden Wedding Photographer_0024.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0025.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0026.jpgPIN
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Ogden Wedding Photographer_0028.jpgPIN
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Ogden Wedding Photographer_0030.jpgPIN
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Ogden Wedding Photographer_0037.jpgPIN
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Ogden Wedding Photographer_0039.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0040.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0041.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0042.jpgPIN
Ogden Wedding Photographer_0043.jpgPIN

SLC Engagements

Another great engagement session has hit the blog! We had an adventure with these SLC Engagements. Haley, Jeffrey and cute little Dominic were so comfortable in front of the camera. I also love that this SLC location had some sentimental value for these two. We shot by Haley’s old apartment and Jeffrey and Haley used to sit on the stoop and hang out at night. It was a great spot to get a lot of variety.

We then headed to tunnel springs to get some family shots along with a few more of just the couple. We ran around, played in the grass, and cuddled on the blanket. It couldn’t have turned out better.

This beautiful wedding is going to be in a couple weeks and I am so excited for it! The event is going to be amazing!

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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0001.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0002.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0003.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0004.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0006.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0008.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0009.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0010.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0011.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0013.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0014.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0015.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0016.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0017.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0018.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0019.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0020.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0021.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0022.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0023.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0024.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0026.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0027.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0028.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0029.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0030.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0033.jpgPIN
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Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0035.jpgPIN
Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer_0036.jpgPIN

Mueller Park Engagements

Hey ya’ll! It has been a very long time since I have posted a blog post! But I am back at it and have a lot to show you! Kailey Rae Photography’s busy season is in full swing. It has been so much fun photographing all these beautiful couples! These Mueller Park Engagements has to be one of my favorites to date. I love that there are locations like this that give you a mountainy feel. April can be a hard time of year in Utah because one day it can be sunny and another it can be snowing! It was a day where we thought it might rain, but it ended with sunshine so it was perfect!

I had a blast with Landon and Courtney, they were beyond easy to work with as you can tell and we just shot their formals! Their wedding is next week and I can’t wait for a warm summer wedding! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Other Mueller Park Sessions:



Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0001.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0002.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0003.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0004.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0005.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0006.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0007.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0008.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0009.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0010.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0011.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0012.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0013.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0014.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0015.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0016.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0017.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0018.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0019.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0020.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0021.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0022.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0023.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0024.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0025.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0026.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0027.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0028.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0029.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0030.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0031.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0032.jpgPIN
Kaysville Wedding Photographer_0033.jpgPIN