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Brighton Formals

Let me tell you how excited I was for these Brighton Formals! My bride and groom, Courtney and Landon are such a blast to work with. They are so relaxed and have a ton of fun while we shoot! The weather for these Brighton Formals had us nervous. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to make it up the canyon without a bit of snow! It is crazy to think that in June you have to be worried about things like that! Luckily, the weather worked out and we got to shoot in a beautiful location. Courtney looked amazing in her wedding dress from The Bride’s Shop. It fit her like a glove and it photographed beautifully!

Silver Lake is a great place to shoot! It provides a huge variety with pine trees, a gorgeous lake, and rustic boardwalks. Courtney was in love with this spot from the get go, so I am glad that we were able to make it up there.

I recently just shot these two and their beautiful June wedding, I am excited to show those all off to you!

To see more of Courtney and Landon, check out their engagements here.

Silver Lake Bridals_8017.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8018.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8019.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8020.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8021.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8022.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8023.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8025.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8026.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8027.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8028.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8029.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8030.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8031.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8032.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8033.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8034.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8035.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8036.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8037.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8038.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8039.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8040.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8041.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8042.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8043.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8044.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8045.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8046.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8047.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8048.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8049.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8050.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8051.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8052.jpgPIN
Silver Lake Bridals_8053.jpgPIN

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