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Max+Lisa Engagements || Brighton Utah || Utah Engagement Photographer

Brighton Utah

We took these engagements in Brighton Utah at Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It was so fun to spend time with Max and Lisa, they are an adorable couple! A mutual friend set them up and the rest is history.

These two have the coolest style and they fit each other so well. Max is sarcastic and outgoing, and Lisa is more introverted but both of them are super relaxed and love to just go with the flow. The whole time I just kept thinking how happy of a couple they seemed because they were just smiling and having such a fun time together. He calls Lisa “pretty bird,” how cute is that? Also, look at her smile… It’s amazing!

Lisa and Max love to spend time in the outdoors and be adventurous together. The weekend before this shoot, Lisa taught him how to fish for the first time with her family. Major props to her!

Shooting in this location was so fitting for the things they like to do. Silver Lake is always one of my favorites, especially when the colors are popping and the greens are in full swing. It was a blast spending time with them and getting to know them more. I am so happy for these guys!

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