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Caden+Jessie-Fall Formals || Utah Wedding Photographer

Lets just say this is one of the prettiest formal sessions I have ever photographed. The colors were in full swing at this point and the couple I was shooting is madly in love (obviously). It made my job the easiest thing in the whole world. Fall formals are so unique and create such a beautiful backdrop for those wedding attire photos. I wouldn’t of changed one thing about this day. Watch the video here┬áby Mae-Lynn Garcia┬áto experience it even more!

Fall Formals_0224PINFall Formals_0225PINFall Formals_0226PINFall Formals_0227PINFall Formals_0228PINFall Formals_0229PINFall Formals_0230PINFall Formals_0231PINFall Formals_0232PINFall Formals_0233PINFall Formals_0234PINFall Formals_0235PINFall Formals_0236PINFall Formals_0237PINFall Formals_0238PINFall Formals_0239PINFall Formals_0240PINFall Formals_0241PINFall Formals_0242PINFall Formals_0243PINFall Formals_0244PINFall Formals_0245PINFall Formals_0246PINFall Formals_0247PINFall Formals_0248PINFall Formals_0249PINFall Formals_0250PINFall Formals_0251PINFall Formals_0252PINFall Formals_0253PINFall Formals_0254PINFall Formals_0255PINFall Formals_0256PINFall Formals_0257PINFall Formals_0258PINFall Formals_0259PINFall Formals_0260PINFall Formals_0261PINFall Formals_0262PINFall Formals_0263PINFall Formals_0264PINFall Formals_0265PINFall Formals_0266PINFall Formals_0267PINFall Formals_0268PINFall Formals_0269PINFall Formals_0270PINFall Formals_0271PINFall Formals_0272PINFall Formals_0273PINFall Formals_0274PINFall Formals_0275PINFall Formals_0276PINFall Formals_0277PINFall Formals_0278PINFall Formals_0279PIN

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