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Castle Park Bridals

These Castle Park Bridals were a last minute session and I am so happy we did them! Here is the back story. Tyler (Morgan’s Fiancé) didn’t want to see Morgan in her wedding dress before the wedding day. With this traditional view, Morgan was planning to take bridals by herself. After some thought, she decided that she didn’t want to have a whole session with just her so they were going to take formals after the wedding when the canyons greened up! This is totally an option for anyone! A lot of people don’t realize that the canyons are full of snow until the end of May, sometimes even June! So it was a great plan!

Later on I got a text from Morgan’s mom and she really wanted Morgan to have a couple images of her in her gown that they could print for the reception. So we shot a mini session of Morgan! It was the best of both worlds. This is another idea if you have more of a traditional groom 🙂

Overall, I am beyond happy with how these turned out and Morgan and Tyler will still get to have their formal session 🙂

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