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Diondra+Scott-Winter Engagement || Utah Engagement Photographer

Ok this winter engagement is to die for. Not only are these two the happiest couple ever, but their engagement story is AMAZING! Diondra and Scott actually met on their mission to Australia, but never served in the same area together. He got home in May and they continued to communicate while she finished up her mission. When she came home they began to date and knew that it was meant to be. Scott is from Orange County so while in California together, they took a trip to Disneyland (you already know this is going to be good). Diondra loves ferris wheels and while they were riding the one in California Adventure, Scott pulled out a missionary tag with the name “Sister Jordan” (His last name). He asked her to marry him and the rest is history! They incorporated the tags in their engagements making it that much more sentimental. Diondra even commented during our shoot that she couldn’t wait to look back at these pictures when they are older as she hopes they eventually serve a mission as a couple. So basically they are adorable and I cannot wait for their wedding this January!

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