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Kayeli+Jared Engagements || Farmington Pond Engagements || Utah Engagement Photographer

Farmington Pond Engagements Kayeli and Jared were really playful during these engagements. They wanted a vintage look

Ashley+Brandon Engagements ll Canyon Engagements ll Utah Engagement Photographer

Canyon Engagements These Canyon Engagements were great with Ashley and Brandon! They are such an easy-going, kind

Haley+Jeffrey Engagements || SLC Engagements || Utah Engagement Photographer

SLC Engagements Another great engagement session has hit the blog! We had an adventure with these SLC Engagements.

Courtney+Landon Engagements || Mueller Park Engagements || Utah Engagement Photographer

Mueller Park Engagements Hey ya’ll! It has been a very long time since I have posted a blog post! But I am back

Alyssa+Trevor Engagements ll Provo Orchard ll Utah Engagement Photographer

Provo Orchard I had such a great time shooting Alyssa and Trevor’s engagements at the Provo Orchard. I got to

Jessica+Hyrum Engagements ll Playful Engagements ll Utah Engagement Photographer

Playful Engagements Another beautiful engagement! These playful engagements are definitely some fun ones. I loved

Presley+Nic Engagements ll Classy Engagements ll Utah Engagement Photographer

Classy Engagements Boy do I love me some classy engagements. Don’t get me wrong, I am a girl who loves comfort. I

Danielle+Derek Engagements ll Puppy Engagements ll Utah Engagement Photographer

Canyon Engagements Boy do I have a story for you on these engagement pictures. It started off a little rocky, but that

Aubrey+Erik Engagements|| Provo Canyon Engagements || Utah Engagement Photographer

Provo Canyon Engagements I have never shot in Provo Canyon and these Provo Canyon Engagements were a great place to

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