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Huntsville Engagements

Oh, these two! This is the beginning of some gorgeous sessions with Tiara and Kiet. I just shot their wedding and it was honestly impeccable! Seriously, I cannot wait to show it off, but first, their Huntsville Engagements!

I loved how soft the colors were at this location. The blues in their outfits along with the greens and blues of the mountains worked so well. Not to mention, they both looked amazing in blue! They are basically models so it was a breeze! I would pose them a certain way and they would turn it into something even better.

It was really fun getting to know them this first session. They are so playful and so easy to talk to. Kiet proposed to Tiara when they were on vacation at Newport Beach. There were roses spread across the sand and he totally surprised her and proposed right by the ocean. So romantic! They both love adventures, being active, and trying new things.

I am so excited to show you the rest of their sessions!

Until then, check out some other shoots in this location: Here and here.

Utah Mountain Engagements_9255.jpgPIN
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