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Memory Grove Portraits

Ella was so fun to work with for these Memory Grove Portraits! She is the youngest sister of one of my brides and her mom decided she wanted some updated pictures of her. I am so happy she took the time to take these because she rocked it the entire time!

She’s 11 years old and I swear no 11 year old is this gorgeous! At first, she was a little nervous (who isn’t in front of a camera!?) but after a few shots she was honestly a natural. The rompers she wore were really cute on her. Also, she had her older sister get her all dressed up and ready for the shoot. So fun! Taking pictures is always a major boost of confidence. Ella should basically be a model, because she was glowing the whole time!

I thought it was really sweet what her mom said in an Instagram about her – “Ella is thoughtful, loving, creative, endlessly curious, and very intelligent. Her favorite thing to do is solving difficult science problems. She is quite extraordinary!” I totally agree with her mom and think she is such a doll!

Head here to see another fun portrait shoot. 🙂

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