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Military Wedding

Lauren and Brandon had a Military Wedding and it was really awesome! She wanted a military wedding with her country boy, and that is just what she had! These two have an adorable love story and are clearly meant to be.

Brandon and Lauren started dating before he left on an 11 month deployment. They quickly fell in love and wrote every day, waiting to see each other after a long time apart! She learned that it was hard to have a soldier – but totally worth the wait. She calls Brandon her hero and is so proud of him.

Brandon grew up in Fillmore as a total country boy. Shooting guns, jeep riding, and getting his hands dirty was his jam. Lauren was a city girl but a country girl at heart. They have the best of both worlds in their relationship and are living the dream! I thought it was really sweet how much she adores him and appreciates all that he does.

Their wedding was a party and I loved how they smashed the cake in each other’s faces haha it was hilarious.¬†Also, Lauren’s dress is from Bridal Image and they were married at the Ivy House in Salt Lake City.

Both Lauren, Brandon and their families were so sweet. I really enjoyed getting to know them on a more personal level. I love when I get couples like them, such great people!

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