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Haleigh + Braden Orchard Engagements || Utah Engagement Photographer

Ok  this couple. Really though. These field and orchard engagements were full of laughter, warmth, and happiness. Haleigh and Braden are getting married during Christmas break and couldn’t be more excited. You would have never known, but this field was actually full of those awful stickies (and of course I was wearing sandals) so we were tip toeing around everywhere just to make sure we wouldn’t get stuck! Haleigh also brought some adorable props to use to make their invitations unique and fun. Overall it was a great evening with these two and these images really display their happy personalities.

St. George Engagement_0001PINSt. George Engagement_0010PINSt. George Engagement_0009PINSt. George Engagement_0008PINSt. George Engagement_0007PINSt. George Engagement_0006PINSt. George Engagement_0005PINSt. George Engagement_0004PINSt. George Engagement_0003PINSt. George Engagement_0002PINSt. George Engagement_0011PINSt. George Engagement_0016PINSt. George Engagement_0015PINSt. George Engagement_0014PINSt. George Engagement_0013PINSt. George Engagement_0012PINSt. George Engagement_0017PINSt. George Engagement_0026PINSt. George Engagement_0025PINSt. George Engagement_0024PINSt. George Engagement_0023PINSt. George Engagement_0022PINSt. George Engagement_0021PINSt. George Engagement_0020PINSt. George Engagement_0019PINSt. George Engagement_0018PINSt. George Engagement_0028PINSt. George Engagement_0027PIN

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