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“I may not be one with words, and Lexi knows this, but she and I were so very lucky to have such a wonderful photographer for our wedding! The one thing that I told Lexi, when we were engaged is, the one thing I wanted to plan with the wedding was who would be taking our pictures. With my few years of experience as a photographer, I knew that I wasn’t going to have some random photographer come take crappy pictures of one of the most memorable events that I will have my entire life! I wanted to a photographer who captured the moment, because I wanted to have something that I would enjoy, laugh, cry, smile, love, and never be bored to look at, for the rest of my life. Something I could show to my kids, grand kids, and hopefully one day my great grand kids, and always be proud to show them, because it showed the happiness that I will always have with my beautiful wife.” -Connor Holt, 2016 Groom

“When I was planning my wedding the most important part of it was what we would have forever, the pictures, so it really was a no brainer to have Kailey as our photographer. She is seriously talented and professional and on top of that she is the sweetest person. I even picked my date around the time she had available! Kailey was absolutely perfect with everything from helping us pick the places to take our engagements and bridals to recommending me different vendors that she trusts. She made me and my husband feel so comfortable and relaxed every time we were in front of the camera and she knows how to take charge of a group and get everyone’s pictures taken quickly. I look at our wedding pictures all the time still, they are perfect. I can’t say enough good things about Kailey, she was by my favorite ‘purchase’ of my wedding and I want her to take all of my pictures for the rest of my life!” -Lauren Kloberdanz, 2016 Bride

“We absolutely loved having Kailey as our photographer!! She seriously is such an amazing and talented photographer!! My husband isn’t one who likes to take pictures so I was a little worried and thought it would be awkward but it wasn’t one bit with Kailey! She made us feel very comfortable and we actually enjoyed shooting and had a lot of fun! I would tell everyone to use her! One of my favorite things is she’s very talented at capturing that special moment! Going through pictures she didn’t miss anything! She makes sure she gets everything! She’s just great!!” -Katelyn Kloberdanz, 2016 Bride

“Kailey is the BEST photographer!! Before I got married I loved her style of photography. She took my sister’s senior pictures and they were beautiful. The pictures she takes always have the perfect lighting and life in them and they were just what I wanted for my engagements, formals, and wedding day. I was so happy when she was available to be our photographer! Our experience with her was even better than I thought. Not only I am still obsessing with the amazing pictures we got in return, but she was so great and easy to work with! She knew how to handle my crazy, big family for pictures, which I was nervous about, she was so sweet and fun towards everyone, she knew what she was doing, and she captured the happiest moments of my wedding. If I did it all over again and I wouldn’t choose anyone else for my photographer! She’s amazing and if you’re lucky enough to have her as your photographer, you’ll know what I’m talking about 🙂 I recommend her for anyone looking for amazing pictures!” -Jenni Smith, 2016 Bride


“From the second my husband & I met Kailey we loved her! She took our engagements & bridal pictures & we wouldn’t have wanted anybody else to have done so. She is simply THE BEST. She is so fun to be around & makes you feel like you’ve been the best of friends your whole life. She doesn’t waste any time taking pictures, which means you definitely get your moneys worth! She is so talented & so passionate about her work & it reflects in her pictures. Having Kailey as our photographer was the best decision. She captured special moments that will last a lifetime. Thanks for everything Kailey!!” -Brittni Colindres, 2015 Bride


“We absolutely LOVED Kailey as our photographer. When we started planning our wedding, we decided the most important thing to us would be the pictures taken during this special time. We couldn’t have asked for better photographs to capture our wedding. Kailey did not disappoint, we had a fun time and she was so much fun to be around and work with! We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer for us.” -Marie & Michael Scott, 2015 Bride & Groom


“My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kailey this summer as we chose her to be our photographer for our entire wedding extravaganza. I think my favorite part about working with Kailey was how she catered exactly to our needs… well mine because the brides’ opinion always seems to be the biggest 😉 I felt taken care of in every way, especially financially. Kailey is upfront with how much she will charge you and is very courteous about your money. Kailey’s photography talent is also something unbelievable… The moments she manages to capture basically make your heart want to melt. She’s amazing! The best part of all however, is Kailey’s personality. She is upbeat, fun and really the sweetest! She makes you feel confident in yourself while taking pictures and always gets the real smile out of you! I would recommend Kailey to anyone; she really was the one thing I didn’t have to worry about on my wedding day. We love you Kailey, thank you!!” -Ally Hunter, 2015 Bride


“On our wedding day, Kailey did an outstanding job of being vocal and giving everyone direction which made the entire process quick and easy. She spent her own time picking out a perfect and unique spot for our bridals and she came prepared with ideas for our pictures. Most importantly, Kailey always made sure that we felt beautiful/handsome when she was taking our pictures. Not only did Kailey capture beautiful pictures, but she captured timeless memories. I have and will forever cherish the perfect memories she captured for us. Ten times out of ten I would choose Kailey as my photographer. I wish I had an excuse to use her again!” -Maddie Smith, 2015 Bride