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Rachel+Alex || Snow Basin Fall Engagements || Utah Engagement Photographer

Snow Basin Fall Engagements

I love when I get to bring back some older shoots that haven’t been blogged yet! These Snow Basin Fall Engagements were taken at the peak of fall. If you can’t tell already, it is gorgeous!

I love Snow Basin to begin with, it isn’t super saturated with photographers and it honestly is beautiful! It is great from May-October. I love going during all the seasons!

Check out these sessions from other times of the year here and here.

Rachel and Alex met at school over at Ohio State! They were so great to work with and I was so glad they chose me to take their engagements!

Snow Basin Engagements_0000.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0001.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0002.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0003.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0004.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0005.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0006.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0007.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0008.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0009.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0010.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0011.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0012.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0013.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0014.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0015.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0016.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0017.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0018.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0019.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0020.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Engagements_0021.jpgPIN

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