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Spektrum Glasses|| Computer Glasses || For Photographers

Today I am sharing with you something I have grown to love so much! Computer Glasses. These computer glasses from  Spektrum Glasses have made a world of difference for me when on my phone, computer or any other device for that matter. Computer glasses are designed to help eliminate blue light. The particular pair I received block out 50% of the blue light that comes from all those screens. Screens that I look at ALL DAY. Before these glasses, I was constantly getting headaches and my eyes would almost burn from staring at the computer for so long haha. There is a lot of negative effects health wise that is caused by blue light so when I saw these glasses, I had to have them. After trying them out for a couple weeks, I have seen a major difference! I do everything with them on, from answering emails, sending out contracts, to watching YouTube. The only thing I don’t use them for is to edit because it does change the white balance. They have a yellow tint to them which could alter your editing. What I love most about these glasses is that they are extremely affordable and they have some pretty cute styles. I wouldn’t recommend something that I didn’t love and I truly love these! Check out the pair I got right HERE or the pair Connor got HERE and buy a pair yourself! You will not be disappointed!

Here are the links to each style:






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