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Spring Bridals

Niccole looked absolutely stunning in her spring bridals! I was actually the one who was running late to this shoot (that never happens!) and I showed up about 5-10 minutes after the scheduled time. When I walked in she was all ready and waiting and I was blown away! Her dress, hair, and make up was flawless! I was beyond excited to get started. It was just Niccole, they wanted to wait until the wedding day for Ian to see her dress and she was a little nervous (I would be to! Taking pictures by yourself can be scary sometimes!) But literally after one shot, I swear all those nerves went away. Niccole rocked it!

We started inside the capitol to get some elegant shots and then headed outside where the blossoms were. The blossoms looked beautiful with her pink under toned dress! Now that these two are hitched, I am super happy I get to show these off!

It has been amazing working with these two and their families. I am honored I got to be apart of their special day! Congrats again to the Niccole and Ian and I wish you nothing but happiness!

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