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Paula+Jaxon Formals ll Summer Bridals ll Utah Wedding Photogapher

Summer Bridals

Paula and Jaxon made these Summer Bridals unforgettable! Seriously, could they be a more beautiful couple? Paula is such a babe and they were both so photogenic. Her hair is honestly to die for, it’s so unreal and looked amazing with her dress and veil. They were both really fun to shoot!

We took these at Snow Basin on a pretty and warm summer night. We braved some mosquitos and I made them climb up a huge hill to get to the flowers. I am so happy she was willing to hike in heels, talk about a champ of a bride! The flowers were showing off again, those purple colors get me every time! Their first look was really sweet because Jaxon was so excited to see Paula and his reaction was so genuine.

Paula’s dress was from The Perfect Dress and her make-up was done by Make Up By Cherisa. She did her own hair and it was amazing! Her flowers were from Fox and Fern Floral Co. and I seriously loved the pastel color palette, it fit the whole look perfectly and tied everything together.

Summer Bridals were a blast with these two and I loved getting to know them more.

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Snow Basin Bridals_8391.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8392.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8393.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8394.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8395.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8396.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8397.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8398.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8399.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8400.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8401.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8402.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8403.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8404.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8405.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8406.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8407.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8408.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8409.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8410.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8411.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8412.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8413.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8414.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8415.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8416.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8417.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8418.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8419.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8420.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8422.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8423.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8424.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8425.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8426.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8427.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8428.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8429.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8430.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8431.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8432.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8433.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8434.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8435.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8436.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8437.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8438.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8439.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8440.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8441.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8442.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8443.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8444.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8445.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8446.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8447.jpgPIN
Snow Basin Bridals_8448.jpgPIN

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