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Wild Flower Senior Session

I was honored to photograph Andrea for this Wild Flower Senior Session! She was a senior at Davis High School and was referred by a friend. I am really happy I got to shoot her because she was so easy going and relaxed the whole time. Seriously, she’s a sweetheart!

First, we headed to Castle Park and it was kind of a windy day so being down in the hollow really helped us out. I loved the way her green shirt contrasted with the background. After Castle Park, we found a hidden gem in Kaysville off the side of the road. If you were to just look at it, it doesn’t look like it would photograph well but it had some beautiful wild flowers and ended up being amazing! There were oranges, yellows, and pinks that made this location so much fun.

Utah is the best in the spring for this reason alone! You can find pops of color everywhere and they make all the difference. Andrea was really great the whole shoot – I feel so lucky to meet so many awesome people by doing what I love!

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