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Sydney+Spencer Formals ll Wildflower Bridals ll Utah Wedding Photographer

Wildflower Bridals

Sydney and Spencer made these Wildflower Bridals such a good time! Immediately, we found out what a small world we live in because we know so many of the same people and had a ton of random connections. They were so fun to chat with and it was great to find out what we had in common. Sydney actually grew up in my home ward and it’s crazy she is getting married now! These two were so easy to talk to and made the shoot comfortable from the beginning. Also, her mom came along and I thought it was so sweet that she came to support her daughter. Moms are the best!

We headed up to Snow Basin and it is perfect right now. The greens and wildflowers are to die for and I felt like we were in the Swiss Alps! I wish 🙂 The colors were popping and the blue/purple flowers were our favorite.

Spencer and Sydney are so cute together. I loved the way they looked at each other and made each other smile. Sydney’s dress is from Petals and Promises and the detail was beautiful. They made their own bouquet and it was stunning, so talented right? She was flawless!

I am so excited for these two and so lucky to work with them!

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