Ashleigh+Robbie- Wedding Redo||Utah Wedding Photographer

Ashleigh has become one of my good photographer friends this past year and I have taken her family photos twice now! Her most recent family session is blogged here. This time around, she wanted to do something for her and her hubby. When she first approached me about this, she went on to explain she wanted a “wedding redo.” I wasn’t sure what she meant by that. She showed me some old wedding photos and told me how much she didn’t like them anymore, and that she wanted to do a session with her own personal twist. So that is exactly what we did! She put on her cute tulle skirt with plaid and we headed out to Antelope Island. The overcast skies really brought out the colors and we even got a glimpse of the sunset. It was beautiful and I think Ashleigh’s idea for a wedding redo was perfect! Wedding Redo_0001Wedding Redo_0021Wedding Redo_0020Wedding Redo_0019Wedding Redo_0018Wedding Redo_0017Wedding Redo_0016Wedding Redo_0015Wedding Redo_0014Wedding Redo_0013Wedding Redo_0011Wedding Redo_0012Wedding Redo_0010Wedding Redo_0009Wedding Redo_0008Wedding Redo_0007Wedding Redo_0006Wedding Redo_0005Wedding Redo_0004Wedding Redo_0003Wedding Redo_0002

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