Brittni+Derek -Albion Basin || Utah Wedding Photographer

So fun fact, I got to hang out with these two for two days! We took their engagements and then the very next day took their formals. It was a first for me, but I liked it! It was fun to see them back to back (hopefully they didn’t get sick of me!). Albion Basin is known for its gorgeous wildflowers which tend to die out towards the end of August. I have not shot there often otherwise and holy stars I think I liked it better without the flowers! It had such a rustic feel that really went well with their colors. The light was warm and Brittni and Derek were so happy. I thirve on clients who enjoy candid moments, who are willing to be themselves in front of the camera and not worry about a perfect pose, or a hair out of place. Natural laughter and real emotions are what I strive for and I believe these two nailed it!


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