Diondra+Scott-Bountiful Temple || Utah Wedding Photographer

I was so excited to be shooting this beautiful couple’s formals at the Bountiful Temple. They had just gotten back from a trip to California and were super tan (so jealous)! I also got to shoot this session with the amazing Jared Fadel who was their videographer for their wedding (he is great so check him out and check out the video here!) The evening went great, you really cannot get a bad picture with these two, stay tuned for their wedding coming soon!

Fall Formals_0337Fall Formals_0338Fall Formals_0339Fall Formals_0349Fall Formals_0348Fall Formals_0347Fall Formals_0346Fall Formals_0345Fall Formals_0344Fall Formals_0343Fall Formals_0342Fall Formals_0341Fall Formals_0340Fall Formals_0369Fall Formals_0368Fall Formals_0367Fall Formals_0366Fall Formals_0365Fall Formals_0364Fall Formals_0363Fall Formals_0362Fall Formals_0361Fall Formals_0360Fall Formals_0359Fall Formals_0358Fall Formals_0357Fall Formals_0356Fall Formals_0355Fall Formals_0354Fall Formals_0353Fall Formals_0352Fall Formals_0351Fall Formals_0350

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