Jenna+Kyle-Winter Wonderland || Utah Wedding Photographer

This winter wonderland of formals was definitely an adventure. Jenna and Kyle were the best couple ever for walking around in the snow and freezing their little tails off. It really was so cold. Like freezing. And without the sun, it was even colder! It was so worth it though. Jenna looked like princess elsa amongst all the snow and it turned out to be some amazing scenery. These two got married in the beginning of January and I am working on their lovely photos right now and lets just say it was such a pretty wedding. The decorations were perfect! I can’t wait to show it off when I am done 🙂

Fall Formals_0282Fall Formals_0283Fall Formals_0284Fall Formals_0285Fall Formals_0286Fall Formals_0287Fall Formals_0288Fall Formals_0289Fall Formals_0290
Fall Formals_0292Fall Formals_0293Fall Formals_0294Fall Formals_0295Fall Formals_0296Fall Formals_0297Fall Formals_0298Fall Formals_0299Fall Formals_0300Fall Formals_0301Fall Formals_0302Fall Formals_0303

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