Katelyn-Albion Basin Bridals || Utah Wedding Photographer

I am so happy I finally get to show these off! I was dying that I couldn’t put any of these images showing her dress up, literally dying! Katelyn and Dillan’s wedding was just this past weekend and it was absolutely stunning. The colors, the vibe, the people, seriously such a great night. When I first started talking to Katelyn about bridals she immediately told me she wanted to do it the old fashioned way and wanted pictures of just her in her gorgeous gown. I was actually a little nervous! I had never done just a bridal session at that point and I was pinteresting my life way to decide what would be the best location, poses, and so on. The sound of Albion Basin bridals was too good to pass up and we headed up the canyon to capture these amazing images. The wildflowers were still around and Katelyn was flawless, making it one of my favorite shoots! albion basin bridal_0002albion basin bridal_0003albion basin bridal_0004albion basin bridal_0005albion basin bridal_0006albion basin bridal_0007albion basin bridal_0008albion basin bridal_0009albion basin bridal_0010albion basin bridal_0011albion basin bridal_0012albion basin bridal_0013albion basin bridal_0014albion basin bridal_0015albion basin bridal_0016albion basin bridal_0017albion basin bridal_0018albion basin bridal_0019albion basin bridal_0020albion basin bridal_0021albion basin bridal_0022albion basin bridal_0023albion basin bridal_0024albion basin bridal_0025albion basin bridal_0026albion basin bridal_0027albion basin bridal_0028albion basin bridal_0029albion basin bridal_0001

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