Maggie+Mark || Utah Engagement Photographer

Maggie+Mark were honestly one of the most amazing couples I have shot to date! First off lets just start with Mark’s mustache, yes that thing is real. Mark can grow a sweet beard and when we booked this session I jokingly requested that he kept it. Well Mark didn’t keep it, but decided to whip up a mustache. Maggie told me she insisted he kept it since she had promised me a beard! It was a win win for me and I was so excited! Another great thing about these two is their chemistry. They really know how to move in front of the camera. They may be so good at this stuff considering Mark is a wedding videographer, so he knew exactly what I was looking for the whole time. Lastly, Maggie is the talented lash artist who has given me my extensions. They have done me wonders. Seriously. I never knew such greatness existed until I got them! You can find her on Facebook and Instagram (maggslashes for both). I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did!

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