McElle + David Mountain Engagement || Utah Engagement Photographer

 As soon as the saw the finish product, I knew I had to post this mountain engagement session ASAP! The day we had scheduled McElle and David’s engagement pictures was a day that looked like it would be  full of warmth and sunshine. The weather predicted that it would rain right during the time of our shoot, so I suggested maybe we move it up a little earlier than we had planned. These two agreed and drove all the way from Logan to prepare for their session when David realized he had forgotten his jeans! Normally that wouldn’t be a huge deal right? Just go by another quickly at H&M and call it good? Well as you can see, David is very tall (6’8 I believe) and had to special order a nice pair of jeans for this occasion. He was a trooper and drove all the way back up to get those jeans and made it just in time for us to start! The weather held up and the sun even peaked out from behind the clouds during their session. Once I had snapped the last photo the rain started pouring on us! We were so lucky that timing worked out and the pictures were gorgeous! And David’s jeans look rather nice don’t ya think 😉 mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-3mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-9mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-12mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-13mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-21mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-25mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-28mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-31mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-33mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-36mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-50mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-53mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-60mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-63mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-65mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-67mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-72mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-74mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-82mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-84mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-89mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-92mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-94mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-96mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-97mcelle+david_kaileyraephoto-103

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