Musgrave Wedding-Bountiful Temple || Utah Wedding Photographer

This day at the Bountiful Temple was a windy and cloudy one. But that didn’t stop anyone from having a wonderful time. I seriously loved this couple. They are quirky, fun, energetic, and full of love. Seriously I am so happy I had the opportunity to get to know them a little more and to be apart of their special day. Their reception was full of personality from the coke bottles, to the wild dance party. They know how to have fun! It is couples like them and moments like in these photos that help me realize that I love what I do and I am so grateful I have the chance to meet such wonderful people. Bountiful Pond Family_0067Bountiful Pond Family_0068Bountiful Pond Family_0069Bountiful Pond Family_0070Bountiful Pond Family_0071Bountiful Pond Family_0072Bountiful Pond Family_0073Bountiful Pond Family_0074Bountiful Pond Family_0075Bountiful Pond Family_0076Bountiful Pond Family_0077Bountiful Pond Family_0078Bountiful Pond Family_0079Bountiful Pond Family_0080Bountiful Pond Family_0081Bountiful Pond Family_0082Bountiful Pond Family_0083Bountiful Pond Family_0084Bountiful Pond Family_0085Bountiful Pond Family_0086Bountiful Pond Family_0087Bountiful Pond Family_0088Bountiful Pond Family_0089Bountiful Pond Family_0090Bountiful Pond Family_0091Bountiful Pond Family_0092Bountiful Pond Family_0093Bountiful Pond Family_0094Bountiful Pond Family_0095Bountiful Pond Family_0096Bountiful Pond Family_0097Bountiful Pond Family_0098Bountiful Pond Family_0099Bountiful Pond Family_0100Bountiful Pond Family_0101Bountiful Pond Family_0102Bountiful Pond Family_0103Bountiful Pond Family_0104Bountiful Pond Family_0105Bountiful Pond Family_0106Bountiful Pond Family_0107Bountiful Pond Family_0108Bountiful Pond Family_0109Bountiful Pond Family_0110Bountiful Pond Family_0111Bountiful Pond Family_0112Bountiful Pond Family_0113Bountiful Pond Family_0114Bountiful Pond Family_0115Bountiful Pond Family_0116Bountiful Pond Family_0117Bountiful Pond Family_0118Bountiful Pond Family_0119Bountiful Pond Family_0120Bountiful Pond Family_0121Bountiful Pond Family_0122Bountiful Pond Family_0123Bountiful Pond Family_0124Bountiful Pond Family_0125Bountiful Pond Family_0126Bountiful Pond Family_0127Bountiful Pond Family_0128Bountiful Pond Family_0129Bountiful Pond Family_0130Bountiful Pond Family_0131Bountiful Pond Family_0132Bountiful Pond Family_0133Bountiful Pond Family_0134Bountiful Pond Family_0135Bountiful Pond Family_0136Bountiful Pond Family_0137Bountiful Pond Family_0138Bountiful Pond Family_0139Bountiful Pond Family_0140Bountiful Pond Family_0141Bountiful Pond Family_0142Bountiful Pond Family_0143Bountiful Pond Family_0144Bountiful Pond Family_0145Bountiful Pond Family_0146Bountiful Pond Family_0147Bountiful Pond Family_0148Bountiful Pond Family_0149Bountiful Pond Family_0150Bountiful Pond Family_0151Bountiful Pond Family_0152Bountiful Pond Family_0153Bountiful Pond Family_0154Bountiful Pond Family_0155Bountiful Pond Family_0156Bountiful Pond Family_0157Bountiful Pond Family_0158Bountiful Pond Family_0159

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