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Alright everyone, I am trying something new this year and I am so excited! Some of my favorite sessions are senior sessions and I wanted to amp up the experience even more! With the new year coming, I will be changing up how sessions work and will be providing more options so everyone has something that fits their needs. I am also going to start a senior rep program and need to have all of you apply! Below is all the information you need in order to be considered a rep for Kailey Rae Photography.

The Scoop


Kailey Rae Photography is looking for seniors who are graduating in the spring of 2015 to represent her business in a fun and unique way.

A great senior rep is friendly, outgoing, approachable, and comfortable in front of the camera!

If selected to be a senior rep, you will receive many benefits including a free group photo session with all the senior reps, discounts on  your personal session, cash/ product rewards, and more!

A contract with all the nitty gritty details will be given to those who are chosen.

The Important Details


Kailey Rae Photography senior reps will be chosen to promote Kailey Rae Photography’s senior sessions. Any senior student that will be attending a public or private high school in Davis, Weber, Salt Lake County or Washington County during the 2014-2015 school year is qualified to apply. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of Kailey Van Brocklin.

After being accepted as a Kailey Rae Photography rep you will be asked to pay your session fee (with the discount applied) for the senior session of your choice to join the Rep program. The session fee is non refundable should you terminate from the 2014-2015 rep program.

As a senior rep, you will receive a free session with all the other senior reps that will be used for marketing purposes. If you are accepted as a rep, you will have an opportunity to review all of the details and a contract must be signed by both you and your parent or guardian to participate.



If you are accepted as a senior rep for Kailey Rae Photography you have the opportunity to receive many benefits including

Free senior rep session with all the group to be used for marketing purposes (it will for sure be a party!)

Discounted collection of your choice

Cash and Product Rewards for referrals

Meeting and making new friends!

Again, all the specific details will be given at time of contract

Need Some More Convincing?


Still need some convincing? Hear about the experiences had from the seniors I shot last year below!

Thank you for considering me to be your senior photographer.

I am so excited to have you apply to be a senior rep for Kailey Rae Photography and I can’t wait to get started!

Please fill out the application below, I will be accepting them until the end of December!

 >>>> Senior Rep Application Questionnaire-KRP<<<<


kenzieseniors_kaileyraephoto-29“Before my photo shoot for my senior pictures, I was super nervous because I have never had my pictures taken like that before. I was nervous that I wasn’t very photogenic! As I met Kailey for the first time, I was very relieved! She was super nice, really easy to talk to and made my photo shoot so much fun! I was able to relax and just be myself! I was also worried about my pictures not turning out how I wanted, but Kailey made them perfect! She is so talented and gave me exactly what I wanted and more! She also helped me pose and made sure that my clothing and hair were in the right spot so the pictures didn’t come out funny and to make sure each one was perfect! She utilized all of the scenery and made sure to capture the most beautiful places! Also the lighting in the pictures was really good and you can also see all the small details on my pictures…she did a great job at capturing that! She is super easy going and gave me the option to choose where I wanted to get my pictures taken! I chose antelope island and it was absolutely beautiful! I would definitely recommend Kailey to anyone who wants their pictures taken and I would absolutely have her take my pictures again!”

-Kenzie, Class of 2014


“Kailey is the best ever!! If you’re looking for someone to take your pictures, LOOK NO FURTHER. She does an amazing job and you’ll die over your pictures.”

-Kaitlyn, Class of 2014


 “I loved working with Kailey! I thought getting my pictures done was gonna be awkward and I was actually quite nervous going into it! But Kailey was so fun and didn’t make me feel awkward at all! I loved working with her! My pictures turned out fabulous of course, I knew that would be the outcome! But the experience was just as great! I would recommend her to anyone I knew! And she will be doing my pictures in the future for any occasion I need!”

-Callie, Class of 2014


“I loved shooting my seniors with Kailey because of how laid back it was! I didn’t feel uncomfortable and I felt like I could just be myself and have fun with it. I LOVED how my pictures turned out. They weren’t your usual “perfectly posed” pictures. They looked natural! Kailey is the nicest person to work with and I would definitely do another shoot with her”

-Lovie, Class of 2014


“Working with Kailey was an amazing experience! Going into it I was actually really nervous because I’m one of those people who feels awkward posing alone for pictures, but she made me feel 100% comfortable and confident. She is great at making the pictures not so “posed” looking, but more natural and fun! On top of all of that she made it so I had a blast getting my pictures taken. I will definitely be using Kailey Rae Photography for future occasions. My pictures turned out fabulous and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

-Bailee, Class of 2014

kaileyraephotography-33“A great photographer makes you feel comfortable and Kailey’s great energy made me feel excited right away. She knew how to play with light and colors, so the pictures really turned out beautifully. There wasn’t only one good picture either; they were all amazing, and deciding which one to put in the yearbook was the hardest decision ever!”

-Sam, Class of 2015

“My name is Ashley and the time I spent working with Kailey for my senior pictures were so much fun! She was so sweet and was up for anything! I’m not gonna lie I was a little nervous I’d feel awkward or something during it, but I didn’t at all! It was also organized and she even choose the spot to take the pictures, which ended up being so cute! I highly recommend her for any kind of pictures you may need.”

-Ashley, Class of 2014

View More:“My name is Kenna and I’m going to graduate this coming year. I found Kailey on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her work and knew I wanted her to do my senior portraits. I was beyond excited when I found out she was coming down here to St. George! She is amazing at what she does and so much fun to work with! She’s so creative and my pictures turned out better than I could have ever wanted! I would highly recommend her to anyone she’s amazing!”

-Kenna, Class of 2015

kaileyraephotography-48“I heard about Kailey from one of my friends that had gotten her senior pictures taken by her. She posted a couple on Twitter and Instagram, and I was so impressed with the photos that I decided to have her do mine as well! Before the shoot I was a little nervous because I didn’t know Kailey, and I have never been one to get pictures taken of myself. However she made me feel so comfortable from the very first of the shoot, and made it so much fun! She made sure the pictures looked natural, and not so posed, which I liked. Overall, I was very impressed with Kailey, the shoot experience, and the outcome of the photos! I would recommend her to seriously anyone and everyone, she’s amazing!”

-Jordyn, Class of 2015

CandaceBrock_kaileyraephoto-23“When I was going to take my senior pictures I was kind of nervous. I don’t really consider myself a photogenic person and am definitely not one who likes being in front of the camera. I had heard Kailey was a really good photographer and made everyone feel very comfortable, and let me tell you it is so true! Shooting with Kailey was so much fun! It seriously was a blast! I never once felt awkward or embarrassed like I thought I would. She made me feel so photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera. If your looking for someone to take your senior pictures I would definitely choose Kailey!”

-Candace, Class of 2014

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