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Trolley Square

This was my first time shooting in and around Trolley Square and it is such a unique place! Korbie loves old industrial look with the exposed brick and beautiful architecture. So I would say it is the perfect place. Bryce and Korbie met through mutual friends!

Korbie was explaining to me that she didn’t want to go on this particular date because every time her friends set her up, it never worked how she wanted! Isn’t it a good thing she gave this date a shot :). While we were wandering Trolley square, I got to know these two a little bit more!

Korbie is a school teacher who teaches second grade, she says it is the perfect age and she loves it! Bryce is still going to school and is majoring in computer science. I think that is such a cool major and I wish I was dedicated enough to learn more about such a topic!

April Wedding

Korbie and Bryce’s wedding is coming up in April and we still have bridals to shoot. Korbie plans to do them alone so it will be a big reveal come the wedding day! Connor and I are actually shooting this wedding together!
It is always so much fun to work together as a team. We jive well together (I can boss him around, hehe) and we get to hang out together while working. I call them our little work dates. It really is the best. If you are considering a videographer, I do highly recommend Connor.

Here is a link to his work right here. It was a blast working with these two! Stay tuned for more blog posts of their sessions. Thanks for reading!

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