We cannot believe it has already been a month with our daughter. I am sure all parent’s say that, but wow time sure does fly.
I will eventually get her birth story and newborn pictures up here, I promise!
At her last appointment, Avett weighed 8lbs and 13 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long. Since that was two weeks ago I am sure she is well over that. She is a very good eater and could eat all day if she wanted. She makes the best coo noises while doing so. She even takes a bottle well and a binkie too! 
Avett Rae is the best baby, she hardly ever cries. When she does, it is more of a whine, basically to get your attention haha. She has recently developed a little bit more of a personality, she is a wiggle worm and loves to be held. Her absolute favorite spot is Connor’s chest, she falls asleep instantly. She likes exploring the house and the big windows in our front room. White noise is also her favorite. I am thinking she will know the show “Friends” word for word when she grows up because that is all I have been watching with her! 
She is not a fan of being swaddled, she always seems to find her way out of it, she likes her arms by her head when she sleeps. 
My favorite thing about her right now is her many faces she likes to give, she is just so squishy I can’t even stand it. 
Connor loves to lay with her and relax. Morning naps have become a ritual. 
We cannot wait to see what the next month brings us! Here are some quick iPhone shots and pictures we have taken over the past month. 

iPhone shots from the hospital.
Utah Senior Photographer_0024.jpg

That left picture gets me every time! First pic with dad. 
AVETT RAE_0025.jpg

The first few days with her at the hospital.
AVETT RAE_0026.jpg
AVETT RAE_0027.jpg

The day we went home, they let us take her?!AVETT RAE_0028.jpg

The first few days at home consisted of visitors, pictures, and veryyyy sleepy parents haha!

AVETT RAE_0029.jpg
AVETT RAE_0030.jpg
AVETT RAE_0031.jpg

Avett is lucky to have a lot of cousins and friends close to her age! 

AVETT RAE_0032.jpg
AVETT RAE_0033.jpg

Christmas was 11 days after she was born, so she got to see a lot of family.

AVETT RAE_0034.jpg

The many faces we love (the middle is my all time fav).

AVETT RAE_0035.jpg

Avett in a few modeling gigs!

AVETT RAE_0036.jpg

More cuteness, and some sassiness. 

AVETT RAE_0037.jpg
AVETT RAE_0038.jpg
AVETT RAE_0039.jpg
AVETT RAE_0040.jpg
AVETT RAE_0041.jpg

One Week Old.

 Two Weeks Old.

Three Weeks Old.

4 Weeks Old.

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