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I am finally blogging something and it is Avett’s Nursery! I am so happy I finally got around to photographing and posting about it. Coming up with the nursery was a lot of fun and I wanted to keep it very budget friendly and felt we did so. I also wanted a very minimal nursery. Finding a girl nursery that wasn’t full blown pink on Pinterest was so hard! Inspiration took some digging. I finally came up with a concept that included a lot of neutrals along with an olive green and light pink. I love that it is still feminine without screaming it! Everything is linked as you scroll so I hope you find some inspo here as well and enjoy!

Memory Grove_0052.jpg

I started off with picking a crib. I wanted something with natural wood and everything I looked at was soooooo expensive. We found this one at Ikea and honestly love how simple and clean it is! It also turns into a toddler bed so it will last a while. I layered a couple neutral blankets along with some super simple crib sheets. I also got a really great crib mattress that is firm on one side (meant for babies) and soft on the other (meant for toddlers) and it wasn’t too expensive either!

Ikea Crib

Rug (Similar)

Crib Mattress

White Crib Sheet

Knitted Blanket (Similar)

Mini Saranoni Blanket


Memory Grove_0051.jpgMemory Grove_0053.jpg
Memory Grove_0054.jpg
Memory Grove_0055.jpgMemory Grove_0056.jpg

I incorporated the pinks with accents so it wasn’t too overwhelming, I loved these pillows I got from Target and think I can use them elsewhere in my house later on. I also have a stuff animal problem haha! That sloth was is my absolute fav!



Pink Pillow

Tan Pillow (I couldn’t find this one, it was from Target!)

Memory Grove_0057.jpg
Memory Grove_0058.jpg
Memory Grove_0059.jpg

I wanted to have a few soft baskets to add some storage to the space. Later on I think toys will fill these but for now, they work perfectly as storage for all the blankets and swaddles!

Large Storage Basket

Small Storage Basket

Mauve Swaddle

Flower Swaddle

Memory Grove_0060.jpgThe wreath above the crib I DIY’d using a hula hoop from Wal Mart and faux greenery from Hobby Lobby. I used green floral tape and hot glue to wrap it around the hula hoop and would say it turned out better than expected!

Memory Grove_0061.jpgAnother DIY project was this Avett Brother sheet music. My Father in Law made this for us and we thought it was the perfect thing to put on this wall! It is very sentimental as well. 🙂

Memory Grove_0062.jpg
Memory Grove_0063.jpg

The last thing I got and the hardest thing to find was a glider that I liked and that wasn’t too expensive. We would test out gliders at stores and they would be $1000 plus and I wasn’t about to spend that much money on a piece of furniture I may not use frequently. I was hesitant about purchasing a glider online without sitting in it first but this couldn’t have worked better. It is smaller, which I wanted for our room since it isn’t very big. Yet, it still supports me and my husband (who is 6’5 might I add) comfortably. I also love the neutral color, I feel as if it can be used elsewhere later on!

Glider (Sold out of this color)

Side Table

Memory Grove_0064.jpg

One of my favorite shower gifts were these two cuties! My mother gifted them from me and a cute 14 year old girl made them! I couldn’t believe they were handmade and that made them even more special.

Memory Grove_0065.jpg

Pink Vase

Peach Vase (Similar)


Bunny (Similar)

Gold Bird (Cannot find online, but found at IKEA)

Memory Grove_0066.jpg
Memory Grove_0067.jpg

Changing Pad Cover


Pink Vase (Cannot find online, but found at IKEA)


Memory Grove_0068.jpg

Now I wish I knew the name of the Etsy shop in which you can find these prints! I purchased them at a local trade show so I am not sure where else you can get them, but I thought they were darling and had to have them!


Memory Grove_0069.jpgMemory Grove_0070.jpg

This tapestry is old, but worked well in the space. It was orginally from Target. I needed something above the chair so I added it!

I liked this one as well


Memory Grove_0071.jpg
Memory Grove_0072.jpg

The shelves and dresser are also from Ikea. The shelves are actually spice racks and I turned the bottom one upside down so I could hang some cute things from it. I had to add children’s book from my childhood as well, it was the perfect touch. The wooden toys are from Little Sappling Toys and the camera was extra special! 



Memory Grove_0073.jpg

The dresser was a little side project we took on, we originally bought a white dresser and painted it a hunter green and added the gold handles. We still need to make some final touches on that, but it is good enough for now.

Paint Color


Gold Handles

Memory Grove_0074.jpg
Memory Grove_0075.jpg
Memory Grove_0076.jpg


And that is it! It is funny that we took so much time to plan out this nusery and we really haven’t used it much yet haha! But it really is exactly how I wanted it and I love it! 


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