Chelsea+Trent Formals-Albion Basin || Utah Wedding Photographer

Remember these two and their amazing engagements here? Well Chelsea+Trent’s Formals are just as amazing. This couple was so much fun to work with and I am finally getting around to posting these and their wedding. Albion Basin was a perfect location for the look they were going for and it was full of laughter and fun. I already miss these working with these two!Albion Basin_0001Albion Basin_0002Albion Basin_0003Albion Basin_0004Albion Basin_0005Albion Basin_0006Albion Basin_0007Albion Basin_0008Albion Basin_0009Albion Basin_0010Albion Basin_0011Albion Basin_0012Albion Basin_0013Albion Basin_0014Albion Basin_0015Albion Basin_0016Albion Basin_0017Albion Basin_0018Albion Basin_0019Albion Basin_0020Albion Basin_0021Albion Basin_0022Albion Basin_0023Albion Basin_0024Albion Basin_0025Albion Basin_0026Albion Basin_0027Albion Basin_0028Albion Basin_0029Albion Basin_0030Albion Basin_0031Albion Basin_0032Albion Basin_0033Albion Basin_0034Albion Basin_0035Albion Basin_0036Albion Basin_0037Albion Basin_0038Albion Basin_0039Albion Basin_0040

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