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I am happy to let you all know about a great and inspiring publication titled Be Wise Magazine. I was the featured photographer just a little over a year ago and you can find my article here. This current issue however is probably their best yet. It is full of inspiration, tips, tricks, and beauty. They have really stepped it up to the next level and the stories they bring to this issue are amazing. I have a few images spread out through out the page from this session so be sure to scroll through it all. It is always a pleasure to have a little something in this magazine. Current issue here. Enjoy!Albion Basin_0043Albion Basin_0044Albion Basin_0045Albion Basin_0046Albion Basin_0047Albion Basin_0048Albion Basin_0049Albion Basin_0050Albion Basin_0051Albion Basin_0052Albion Basin_0053Albion Basin_0054Albion Basin_0055Albion Basin_0056Albion Basin_0057Albion Basin_0058Albion Basin_0059Albion Basin_0060

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